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Our Process


Shhhow Me Hair sources its hair from temples in India where tonsuring is a traditional practice. Many men and women donate their hair as a sacrifice to their gods and goddesses. Temples then sell hair that has been donated to make money for the temple’s community. All hair purchased by Shhhow Me Hair is done so ethically.


Once the hair is purchased, it is transported to our state-of- the-art factory where our team of seasoned craftsmen and women carefully sort and grade the hair according to color, texture and length.

The hair then goes through a gentle cleansing process, using shampoo and conditioner methodically. Once the hair is ready, it is sent to specialized departments to be crafted into various products. 

To Your Door

Our experienced Quality Control team, carefully scrutinize the products at every step of the process. From the moment the hair is selected until it reaches your doors, we work diligently to ensure only the highest quality.