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Raw Indian Bundle


Shhhow Me Hair RAW Indian collection is one of our staple collections! Our hair is sourced directly from the temples in Indian where tonsuring is a traditional practice. The raw hair is then transported to our state-of-the-art factory where our team of seasoned craftsmen and women carefully sort and grade the hair according to color, texture and length. 

The hair then goes through a gentle cleansing process, using shampoo and conditioner methodically.  Once the hair is ready,  it is sent to specialized departments to be crafted into various products. 

This hair is top of the line, unprocessed raw Indian hair. Each bundle comes with 100 plus grams of hair. With proper care this hair can last you several years!

  • Premium 100% Remy human hair extensions 
  • More than 100g per bundle
  • Bleaches to 613 
  • Cuticles facing in the same direction and still intact. 
  • Single donor 

💕 Recommendations:

  • 12"-16" - 2 bundles
  • 18"-26" - 3 bundles
  • 28" and up - 4 bundles

Prices reflect per bundle. 💕


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